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Musical Instruments

Our musical instruments category offers you all types of EVA protective carrying cases for all types of musical instruments. Whether you are looking for travel or protective carrying cases for your guitar, violin or piano or just want cases to hold your musical instruments in a self storage facility, we’ve all you all you need. All you have to do is tells us what kind of musical instruments you need storage or carrying cases for and will make them for you.
We know that most musical instruments are not only delicate but also very expensive. They deserve a lot of care. That is why our EVA cases have special soft and sturdy internal padding foam or any other soft materials that make them shockproof. That means that your musical instrument will be protected from shocks and other damages like scratches. Apart from being shockproof, our EVA cases have an internal waterproof padding and outer sturdy padding. This double-layer provides a high level of water resistance. Additionally, our EVA cases dustproof, flexible and resilient.
We can manufacturer cases for any musical instrument you may think about.
Guitar, Keyboard and Piano Cases,
Drum / Bass Protective Cases,
Air Musical Instrument Cases,
Microphone / DJ Mixer/ Amplifier Cases